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COVID-19 is causing unprecedented disruption to businesses and is forcing everyone to think of new ways to keep the lights on. Through this page, Xoxoday offers to support organisations in their efforts to handle the COVID-19 crisis.
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Covid-19 Readings

Remote working without compromise

Remote Working Guide by Xoxoday

A guide with respect to remote working and WFH evolution, practices, adoption and future outlook.  

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Driving performance with incentives

Find out how incentives can not only fix performances slow downs but also drive it for business growth.

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B2B selling amidst pandemic

Learn how to fix your sinking B2B sales with a future-ready strategy that helps boosts revenues even during global slowdowns

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Fixing MICE hold-up with rewards

Discover how rewards can help you amidst a pandemic to cope with the gaps in your MICE strategy.

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Helpful guides for business success during the crisis

Engage Employee

Thoughts on how to engage employees in crisis.

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Building a good culture for employees to thrive.

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Recognition & appreciation matters more while working remotely.

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When all your peers indulge in motivation, it lifts you up.

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WFH Stipends

Motivate employees with relevant WFH benefits and savings.

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Connect with your teams through various ways and discussions.

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What are a few ways Xoxoday clients are engaging their employees during lock down?

Can we brainstorm remotely, in ways that are not as noisy as video conferences?

How can we continue nurturing our team cohesion at the lack of happy hours and team lunches?

How can we continue our agile method of working, even while working remotely?

How do we prevent employees from over-working that might cause WFH burnouts?

What are the few modes of rewarding that are faring well during business lock-downs?

How are organisations managing new employee onboarding while remote working?

What are the top five aspects of the organisation that play an increased role (more than during in-office times) in employee NPS during lock down?

Which are a few important external resources that you would recommend referring to, during the COVID-19 and remote working context?

Rewards & Savings during social distancing
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