Supercharge Employee Benefits, Wellbeing & Savings

Educate users about organization mission, vision & values. Recognize, appreciate and motivate them.
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Employee Perks

Employee benefits & perks that help you save money on the things that matter. 

Save upto $1000 every month on your purchases on the things that matter to you the most.

Exclusive discount in Grocery, Subscriptions, Dining, Travel, Health, Gadgets, Apparels, etc.

Choose from over 5,000 perks across the globe.

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Employee Wellbeing

Boost employee productivity and reduce absenteeism with a healthy workforce.

Access to affordable health and wellness services and suppliers.

Categories include Yoga, Sports, Wellness products, doctor appointments and medicines.

Access to our wellness campaign partners and healthcare consultants.

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Financial health

Help your employees with right investments and savings

Access to different insurance and loan instruments as per your needs.

Do more with less through savings on your spending through gift cards and perks.

Tax saving employee gifts in meaningful ways.

"After implementing Xoxoday, we have seen improvement in employee morale, eagerness to take up more responsibility and a healthy competition within the team. We are so happy with the product and the team running behind the show. This is a worthwhile investment creating a great picture of the work culture both within and outside the organization."
"We wanted our employees to aspire for a product, achieve milestones to get reward points and finally buy what they aspired for. Xoxoday helps us achieve exactly that. Our staff attrition has slumped from 8% to 4.7% - and I completely attribute it to the Staff Rewards and Recognition program run through our Xoxoday platform."
"Really appreciate the swift communication and support from all the teams. Hope to continue the same."

Charity and Giving programs

Connect employees with the right social causes. Do human good through contribution towards charity & giving initiatives and drive your company's care toward society.

Experiential rewards 

Indulge in lifetime experiences from spa days to concerts to surf lessons to any bucket list activities. Access to 10,000+ experiences globally. 

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