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With Xoxoday Plum you can

Run rewards, incentives and benefits programs at scale
Give thousands of catalog choices globally
Measure program effectiveness and ROI
Integrate rewards in your existing systems like HRMS, CRM, Ticketing etc
Reduce manual and operational hassles
Bring instant gratification and personalization in your rewards programs


Plum works with 10000+ brands bringing you a collection of over a billion different shopping options across 70+ countries in the world. Tailor make your web storefront with brands you wish to showcase & your users get ample options to choose from. You do away with the tedious process of handling multiple reward vendors. The catalog includes options like gift cards, experiences, perks, benefits, travel, hotels, insurance, wellness and many more

We understand the importance of easy reward distribution. Plum provides you various types of rewards you can choose from to distribute. You can run points programs based on multiple currencies and denominations. You can choose to distribute individually or in bulk via email, SMS, Whatsapp etc. Plum comes with a vast set of capabilities making it super easy for admins to manage the rewards or incentive programs. All these features have been built to reduce the manual and operational work of the program managers to minimum. The product is scalable, global and built for developers for easy integrations.

Your campaigns should be consistent with your business objectives, your brand imagery and messaging. Plum brings you features to completely configure your own rewards webpage and email templates. This landing page can have your logo, your themes, your message and sub-domain.

Plum gives you admin and user level reports about program spends, usage patterns, demographics, geographies and more. You can set up access controls for different reports. This intelligence can help you improvise your campaigns for better ROI and program effectiveness.

  • Points report
  • Voucher report
  • Plum Pro report
  • Invoice report
  • Redemption report

How It Works?


Sign up with Plum to instantly access a rich list of rewarding features.

Setup a New Campaign

Create your white-labelled e-storefront & catalog based on your reward strategy

Choose Reward Distribution Modes

Create awards and choose your method of distribution


Personalize your rewards templates and communication

Redemption Portal

The rewardee can use the rewards on the e-storefront

Measure program ROI

Measure campaign effectiveness, and ROI.


Xoxoday helps you to o solve employee engagement, rewards, recognition, sales incentives, consumer promotions and build a good working culture.


We frequently publish e-books that gives our audience wonderful insights on rewards and engagement. Our current edition gives you a detailed description of the importance employee engagement.

Users Manual

Our user manuals are the go-to place to use our products effectively. These contain logically sequenced step by step guides to our product features with the help of apt screen shots.


We strive to bring out the best possible product experience for our clients. We have intently studied their user journeys to further understand how our products benefit their processes.

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